Sewer Line Maintenance Tips

A sewer line in a home is where all of the other plumbing lines connect into. Kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers, and toilets all lead to the main sewer line. The main sewer line of the home then connects to the city main sewer system. It is important for one to keep their sewer line maintained so that is does not become clogged, or backed up.

If a sewer line backs up, it can cause major damage to the property due to flooding the home. Tree roots may also clog sewer lines which can cause a build-up of roots that might actually destroy the sewer line itself. However, there are some techniques an individual may take to help maintain their sewer lines.

The first step one should do is to consult with a professional drainage and sewage professional to determine the issue. Next, the individual may pay for professional services to either have the sewer line professionally cleared, or repaired in some cases.

A professional drainage and sewage repairman will typically utilize mini-cameras to navigate within the sewer line itself to determine the problem. The drainage and sewage mini-camera allows the professional to locate blocked sewer lines due to roots, cracks in a sewer line, or even typical blockage.

Once the professional has located the problem within the sewer line, they will use a variety of techniques to clear the blockage, including using commercial products if required. Once the sewer line has been cleared, it should regain normal function; the drains within the home should clearly flow, and showers or toilets should not back up.

In the event the sewer line is damaged by tree roots, it may take some time to repair the line. An individual would be required to contact their local water and utilities company alongside obtaining permission to have a contractor dig to replace the line. However, once the sewer line has been repaired, it will regain proper functionality.

As long as someone consults with a professional the moment they notice problems with their sewer line, the sooner they may get it fixed. It is always better to repair a sewer line sooner than later because if the problem is delayed, it can cause devastating damage to the sewer and drainage lines of the home.

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