Backflow Testing

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In need of backflow testing?  Have you recently received a letter from the city’s water department asking that you test your system? With just one phone call, schedule our highly skilled Sarasota plumbers to certify that your backflow preventer is functioning properly and submit all the paperwork you need with the water department.

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    What Is a Backflow Preventer?

    The Sarasota Utilities Department continues to work toward keeping the available drinking water safe by initiating a backflow prevention program. These systems are designed to help prevent contaminated water from being allowed to flow back into the water mains. Part of this process is installing a backflow prevention device everywhere with a service connection; it is the responsibility of the property owner to install these devices and test them on an annual basis.

    What Causes Backflow?

    Back siphonage of contaminated water can occur when the water system’s pressure is higher than the pressure in a tank or water trough. Although water distribution systems are designed to keep water flowing directly from the distribution center to the consumer, deviations in the system’s hydraulics can result in water flowing in the opposite direction. When systems are not protected with backflow preventers, this can cause contaminated water to flow back into the main water supply, which can threaten health and safety.

    Bill The Plumber provides prompt response times for backflow testing requests and can have your backflow preventer re-certified in a timely manner. Call today for more information on our plumbing services.

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