Even though it seems as if we don’t pay pay attention to the world around us, our water heater is something that helps us get through life comfortably. When it comes to getting hot water, washing our dishes with nice warm water, or just washing our hands in hot water is something that most people tend to take for granted. Our water heater uses a lot of energy, which in turn can be costly on a monthly basis. Most homes wide up spending around $475 a year, which can be cut down if you improve the overall performance of your water heater.

The first step when improving your water heater performance is turning down the thermostat. Saving energy means that you are going to want to find a comfortable temperature and try to keep it there. Moving your thermostat up and down, tends to make your bill higher and your water heater work harder.

This may sound a bit awkward but putting a jacket on your water heater will help keep it insulated. It also will help keep the water that is already inside, hot. You can easily find covers at your local hardware store to fit over your water heater.

Deposits and sediments tend to settle inside of your water heater, making it less efficient. Which means that when it works harder to deliver, the performance lacks and your bill grows. Cleaning out your tank at least once a year will keep the sediments from building. You can turn off the unit, add a garden hose to the spigot and empty the water out.

Insulating exposed pipe will help your water not lose heat as it makes it way to your faucets. You can buy insulation pads from your hardware store, and easy installation can be done by you.

Improving your water heater performance is something every homeowner should consider doing, if they want to save money and help their water heater work more efficiently.

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