Tankless water heaters are innovative products that have been taking the home improvement and plumbing world by storm the past few years. They have features that can be considered either positive or negative depending on your particular circumstances and habits, some of which are considered in greater detail below:

Tankless water heaters require much less space than older, conventional water heaters. In fact, a large tankless unit can easily fit in a space only two feet square and extend out less than a foot from the wall. In addition, tankless water heaters also produce hot water on demand, meaning that the water is heated only as it is needed. When the valve or faucet is turned to the “on” position, the water heater’s heating element is activated. After it is shut off, the water then stops heating.

This method of heating water has several advantages, including the fact that a tankless hot water heater is much smaller than the older, bulkier models, making it much easier to fit in tight spaces. They also can provide an almost endless supply of hot water – no more running out when you’ve only lathered, rinsed, but not repeated! Tankless water heaters can also save you big bucks on your power bills every month, which is another good reason to consider the switch.

There are several potentially negative factors to consider as well. If you have more than one shower running, or are running a shower and the dishwasher at the same time, you could have issues with running out of hot water. The increased amount of water needing to be heated all at once may cause the heater to not work as efficiently.

Also, installing a tankless water heater may necessitate an electrical upgrade in your home, depending on what size tank you purchase. Always check with a licensed electrician to determine what will be required in your case.

There are many advantages to tankless water heaters, though there are several drawbacks as well.

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