What Causes a Blocked Toilet?

Clogged toilet is a common plumbing problem in many homes and it is not easy to avoid it at one time or another. One of the common causes of toilet clogs is low water pressure, which fails to push the flushable wastes with sufficient force, while trying to flush large amounts at the same time. Even though a rookie homeowner can point out these causes and perhaps repair them and restore their conditions in minutes, repairing some severe toilet clogs can lead to flooded bathrooms that make the situation worse. However, the following causes of severe toilet clogs may require the services of a professional, licensed plumber to fix the problem in the right manner.

Flapper Not Opening Fully

To create an effective flush, the function of the flapper is to allow water to flow from the toilet’s water tank, down into the bowl. In certain circumstances, the flapper may fail to open completely, which leads to the release of insufficient water to flash down the wastes. As such, clogs usually develop gradually due to continued weak flushes. It is advisable to contact a professional, licensed plumber to fix the chain connecting the flush handle and the flapper to enable the flapper to open fully when flushing.

Clogged Drain Lines

A gridlock in the drain line usually causes most severe toilet clogs in homes. Since the drain line is the main connection to the main sewer lines, you should consider examining other drains and lines and drains in your home to ascertain the origin of the toilet clogs. These include the water heater and the washing machine, which you can effectively repair if you hire the services of a professional plumber due to the contribution of other lines and drains.

An Object Stuck in the Trap

The S-shaped tube that splits your toilet from the drain line is called the trap, and it helps in keeping away sewer odor from reaching your home. The trap can become dysfunctional if an object, such as a toothbrush, is stuck in the trap after an attempt to flush it down the drain. Other debris can wrap themselves around the object to create a clog. You can simply use a plunger to push all the trapped debris down the sewer drain, but removing the trapped toothbrush needs a professional plumber because its shape makes it challenging to go through the S-curve.

A Timeworn, Low-Flow Toilet

Several toilets made from traditional materials and designs usually have low flows, which result in inadequate flushing power. Many homeowners have complained about the low-flow toilets, especially because they are unable to flush down wastes efficiently. The wastes can cause sever toilet clogs because they can accumulate in the pipes to prevent further flow. If you have an old model of toilet, it is about time you hire a professional, licensed plumber to help you in replacing your toilet with a more modernized design.

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