When it comes to detecting the source of certain plumbing problems, some are always easy to point out, such as clogged toilets, faulty garbage disposals, and slowly draining showers. However, detecting leaks has always proven to be an extremely challenging plumbing issue, especially because the leaks can be found anywhere in the home. These include common places, such as the ceiling, walls, or even floors. Even though finding these leaks could seem challenging, the following are some possible signs that you should often take note of because they can lead you to existing leaks in pipes in your home.

Increased Water Bills

Keeping track of your water bills is one of the most significant ways of monitoring the health of your plumbing. As soon as you realize a sudden upward shift in water bill expenditures, you should consider hiring a professional, licensed plumber to perform a thorough examination of your home plumbing system. With the aim of ensuring the increase is not caused by seasonal changes, match your current water bills from the same month from the preceding year.

Mold & Mildew

Even though mold and mildew usually occur in moist areas, finding them in the corners of the bathroom or on non-shower walls should give you a vivid sign of an existing water leak in your home plumbing system. These leaks usually bring about damp spots, which a professional, licensed plumber can find most of them above the ceiling or on the floor. As these damp areas spread, mold and mildew will start to form to produce a stale odor. Therefore, detecting a stale odor around the home should clearly show you that you have a leaking pipe somewhere, irrespective of how many times you clean your home.

Stains on Ceilings

If your house has many floors, you should always check the ceiling under the bathroom for patches, which can be water stains from leaks. These are clear signs of water damage on the plumbing system, which could be found in other parts of the ceiling because water can travel long distances. You should not assume that the dark brown stain on your ceiling is caused by an occasional wet floor in a bathroom above the ceiling. The stained ceiling could be a clear sign of a persistent water leak, which could even lead to a sagging ceiling.

Foundation Cracks

Finding cracks in your home is a common thing, especially if your house is aged. However, when foundation cracks start to show in your home, you should consider hiring a professional, licensed plumber to check for leaks. The constant seepage of water from shower pipes can make foundations and their structures weak, which can bring about cracks in the walls as well.

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