Selling Your Home? Make a Beautiful Bathroom a Selling Point!


If you are thinking of selling your house, it is necessary that you make sure it is in the best condition before a potential buyer checks in to view it. Among the many aspects, home buyers consider mostly these days is the bathroom. Homeowners want to buy property that has the best bathroom facilities. With this in mind, you should consider refurbishing you bathroom before putting your home on sale. Here are top 3 reasons why you should consider remodeling your bathroom before putting your home or property on sale.

(i)To enhance energy efficiency

Although this should benefit you as the home-user, remodeling your bathroom can enhance energy efficiency and in turn may turn out to be a selling point especially if you may be able to explain to your potential buyer how energy-efficient your bathroom is. Remodeling your bathroom may involve installing new low-flow toilets, better faucets, and even new shower heads. It goes without saying that potential buyers would want to pay for an energy efficient home, everybody likes something that can save him/her some few dollars.


Safety is also another major reason as to why you should refurbish your bathroom. There are quite a number of bathroom accidents that can be attributed to slippery floors, faulty water heating systems, old ceramics, e.t.c. When you refurbish your bathroom, it will obviously return to its previous safe condition. No buyer will think of paying for a bathroom that has old ceramics, faulty taps, cracks and any other faults that may be hazardous.

(iii) Increased value

Just like any other property, a little refurbishment increases the resale value. If you are planning to put your home on sale, refurbish a few things here and there including the bathroom. It won’t be hard for a home buyer to pop up a few more thousands if the bathroom is in a fantastic condition.


With these 3 reasons in mind, it is clear that refurbishing your bathroom before putting your property up for sale may turn out to be the best decision you could ever make. So, if you are planning to sell your house, give us a call today and we will be with you in every step of the bathroom remodelling. We offer the best plumbing services and even consultations regarding your bathroom refurbishment. Try us today and you will never regret it!

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