When it comes to purchasing a walk-in tub for your bathroom, you should consider a wide range of factors before making such a decision. Even though some homeowners prefer to have it installed in their bathrooms, others don’t consider using it in the first place. Since their invention, some critics have reviewed the walk-in tubs as the best bathroom companion for an individual, while some have pointed out various reasons for its ineffectiveness.

Pros of Walk-In Tubs

If you have an elderly person who constantly requires additional assistance in the bathroom, then a walk-in tub is the best solution because it allows them to appreciate a soothing bath since the tubs are fitted with swinging door, which allows easy access to the tub. Several retirement communities and senior living centers usually have walk-in tubs; therefore, installing them in your own home is an added advantage for elder people.

Furthermore, walk-in tubs are fitted with a variety of features, including adjustable shower heads and bubble jets, which provide an efficient way of enjoying a relaxed bath. They also have handrails and pads, which help to prevent accidental slips and ensuring a safe and comfortable bath. When you decide to sell your home with the walk-in tubs installed in your bathroom, you can fetch a higher value than you had previously expected.

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Cons of Walk-In Tubs

One of the most annoying disadvantages of walk-in tubs is that you cannot leave its confines until all the water has drained out. As such, it is advisable to install a heat lamp above it to dry off your body as you wait for the water to clear from it. Most walk-in tubs are usually raised from the bathroom floor level; therefore, even though they come with a small step, you will have to include a small threshold for stepping over as you enter the tub.

Another con of having a walk-in bathroom installed in your home is spilling. This is because when you turn on the water faucet, you have to shut the door completely to keep the water from flowing outside. It becomes a challenge because you are forced to enter the tub and shut the door before starting the water. You will also have to incur extra costs if you wish to install a fast-draining system and a filling faucet to allow you get out of the tub as quickly as possible after bathing. Generally, installation prices range from one licensed professional plumber to another.

Considering Walk-In Tub Installation?

If you are contemplating to install a walk-in tub in your bathroom, you should perform a thorough research about different manufacturers and the various types offer by them. The prices range in the thousands, with commensurate quality with the higher priced tubs.

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