A damaged sewer or drain can cause a whole lot of unpleasant problems. Unfortunately, most homeowners experience some kind of issue with their drains or sewer at some point. Drain clogs are generally caused by buildup that accumulates over time. In the kitchen, the most common culprits are grease and detergents that build up in the drain, while in the bathroom hair and debris get caught up together to cause blockages. These drain clogs can break loose and work their way into your main sewer line causing blockages and other problems. Putting a catch in your drains, cleaning them regularly, and being careful about what you rinse down your drains can help you avoid major problems in the future.

You should treat any kind of drain blockage as soon as you notice it. The first sign of trouble is usually when your drain stops working as efficiently as it used to. You will end up with a little bit of water backup that slowly drains down. You should call a plumber in to properly clean out your drains as soon as you can. Many over the counter products used to clear your drains can actually push these blockages down into your sewer lines, so they really are not a good choice most of the time.

If you don’t deal with these blockages, they will only get worse over time. While a slow draining sink may only be a nuisance, a backed up sewer line is going to be far more unpleasant. Nobody wants to deal with waste backing up and overflowing into their home. Take precautionary measures where you can, and get problems dealt with in a timely manner when they crop up. You will always be better off dealing with these issues when they are in a drain rather than your sewer lines.

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