Common Causes of Garbage Disposal Malfunction

Sometimes if there is an electrical short in the garbage disposal, it may not power on when they person presses the switch or button. If the garbage disposal is currently plugged in and not powering on, there could be an electrical short in the wiring that needs to be serviced. Additionally, the garbage disposal may have become non-operable because of a neglect in maintenance.

The next thing that can affect a garbage disposal is of course any leaks that might occur. There are many places that leaks can happen including valve connections, beneath bolted connections and between seals. Signs of leaking is a definite cause for someone to have their garbage disposal repaired as it can cause further damage and erosion to the garbage disposal and underneath the sink.

Another common problem with a garbage disposal is that it is slow to drain or suffers from a backup frequently. This can be caused by large food pieces that have clogged up the drain and the motor of the disposal. Slow draining may also be contributed to backing up problems. If the individual has ran the disposal to grind up the food pieces, but it is still slow draining or backing up then they should have a repair company service the unit for them.

Grinding noises might also be apparent if there has been damage to the unit or the motor. This can also be due to metal kitchen utensils falling into the drain. When grinding noises happen when the unit is turned on, the individual should consult with a professional technician to repair their garbage disposal motor, blades or other components so that it regains it’s normal function.

There might be times when the unit fails to work whatsoever because of a major clog. While it may be a clog similar to the above clogs where food is involved, a major clog could also have affected the plumbing of the kitchen sink as well. In this type of event, there is no choice other than for the individual to consult with the professional services of a plumbing technician to help repair their garbage disposal unit.

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