When it comes to the hygiene of your home plumbing system, two common health hazards usually affect the both the heater and the water contained in it. One is the risk of burning and the other one is the risk of bacteria lurking in the water heater, with possibly negative health effects. As you think through eliminating both conflicting risks, you should know that getting rid of any one of them could potentially lead to the worsening of the other; a good reason to hire a professional, licensed plumber for additional safeguards.

It is worth noting that the most hazardous bacteria characteristically living in water heaters is Legionella pneumophila, which causes the Legionnaires Disease. The bacteria is usually omnipresent in warm aquatic environments that make them multiply with time if ignored. Several people currently know that soft water can benefit them by keeping their skin and hair healthy. Furthermore, it significant reduces energy consumed in the household as well as increasing the lifespan of home plumbing. However, many people are yet to realize that soft water has the ability to stop microbial contamination in the heating system with the intention of reducing their exposure to the bacteria, such as Legionella. Professional home plumbers have special ways of using effective water softeners to eliminate the scaling in your water heater.

Some traces of the bacteria usually thrive in both public and private water supplies but they usually don’t survive in water having cold temperatures. As soon as they find their way into hot water heaters, the Legionella bacteria can grow rapidly to find their way into your household plumbing. Consequently, the bacteria will manifest itself in the aerosol steam that comes with bathing, showering as well as cleaning dishes in your kitchen sink. The bacteria can adversely affect the health of especially elderly people and young children.

The temperatures of most water heaters form a favorable environment for Legionella, along with other bacteria. The temperature set by the thermostat of your water heater simply signifies the highest temperature once the tank completely heats up when full. With constant water use, the temperature in the heater drops gradually as cold water circulates in it. The Legionella bacteria multiply rapidly at warm temperatures of between 95 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit, making them establish their habitat in your water heater. It can be difficult to destroy them at such temperatures, especially when the bacteria find their way through the plumbing of your home. Hence, you should always consider the services of a qualified, licensed plumber to help you eliminate the bacteria.

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