It has come to that time when the most used and most neglected part in the house, needs to be renovated or installed – the shower stall. Obviously, with this event, the need arises for the selection of a good, competent and reliable plumber. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task.

Here are several tips to help homeowners in their successful plumber selection and help make the shower remodeling experience a pleasant and less costly one.

Length of Time The Company Has Been In Business
Has this company been in business for a number of years or is it a fly-by-night operation, here today and gone tomorrow? These are indicators as to the stability of the company, their plumbers and the overall seriousness of an established company.

Sub-contractors or Permanent Employees, Are They Bonded or Insured?
If the company is well established in the community, this may be a good indicator that they really mean business and can sustain it. Another indicator maybe if the workers are certified and licensed.

The Extent of Company Guaranty
If the parts and labor are guaranteed, then the cost and duration of the project should be also. A plumbing company also needs to prove any contract stipulations in writing as to costs involved and how will it honor unsatisfactory work provided.

Personal Selections
A shower installation will no doubt involve not only plumbing repair, replacement or installation and sheet-rock work, but it may also involve tile and fixture selections. Customers should especially be involved in and give their approval, prior to the actual project phase beginning.

Word of Mouth
Nothing will increase the chances of a good plumber being chosen by homeowners as word-of-mouth recommendations from family, friends and co-workers. They have gone through the experience before and know who you may be able to trust, and not trust. By following some these tips, homeowners may be ensured of a pleasant and less costly experience when installing a shower in their home.

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