It’s extremely important for the safety of your home or living space to regularly check the pipes to see if they need to be replaced. Pipes give signs that their time has come by the noises they make or by leaking. However, they may not show any signs at all. Looking for these signs is very important for your home’s plumbing system’s longevity. The idea is always to avoid any damage leaky pipes could cause.

1. Low Water Pressure:
The first sign that it’s time to replace your pipes without even hearing any noises, is the water pressure. If you’ve noticed that over time the water pressure in your shower or sink has begun to wane, then you may need to consider replacing your pipes. It’s very common that food particles, hair, or other materials have gotten stuck in your pipes regardless of how careful you are. This is most common in the shower. For those who have long, course hair, it’s more likely you may end up with a pipe problem that will illicit repiping since large amounts of hair can block the pipes. If your water pressure has been slow since the time that you moved into your home, then you may have been dealing with bad pipes that needed replacing all along.

2. Noisy Pipes:
The next step is to listen for any noises that you may be hearing from your pipes. Bad pipes are usually extremely creaky and make a good amount of noise when water is being distributed through them. Though there may not be any visible signs of your pipes being creaky or sounding out of the ordinary, it’s important to have a professional check your pipes to see if they need to be replaced.

3. Leaky Pipes:
The last thing to look for is any leaking. More than likely if your pipes are actually leaking, they are at critical stage of their overall deterioration, in which case, you should immediately have them inspected by your local plumbing professional. Leaky pipes could damage the material surrounding them (such as electrical wiring), your belongings, and even your home’s walls, ceiling or flooring.

If you think your pipes in your home may need to be replaced, make sure to look for these signs. If you notice anything that is strange with your pipes, it’s very important to call a professional to see if you need new pipes in your home. For all of your leaky pipe concerns in Sarasota, FL, the plumbing professional you need is Bill the Plumber. call today at (941) 845-6711.

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