Drainage systems ensure that we have dry clean and healthy buildings to work and live in. Blocked drains and pipes are recurrent problems and need immediate solution. One way to solve this problem is through back jetting the drainage. This is a process of using high pressure water jetting to bring the drain back into its normal condition. This process is carried out through the process shown below.

Opening the drain

The first step is to open up the exterior wall where the drain line leaves the building. Opening this wall without causing damage to property requires expert handling. The blocked drain will be jetted and they will be able to flow out. The scale materials will be allowed to flow to a hole dug below the line.

Equipment used

Sophisticated equipment are usually used, this ensures that the draining is done to perfection. Using these equipment also makes back jetting cost-effective. Experts have the best equipment to carry out this procedure. By having them use their equipment for jetting, the process becomes effortless. Drains that are heavily used and are highly clogged will be efficiently cleaned.


After the clogged materials have flown, the walls are usually cemented. This is the last procedure after several back jetting drainage methods. This is done after the drain is well drained and cleaned.

This process may seem simple and one which you can do it yourself. However, you can be sure that if you do it yourself, the jet draining process will not be perfectly done. You may not know where the blockage is, how to prevent further flooding and how to clean the drain without causing much damage. Calling an expert professional is therefore safe and cheap in the long run.

Always call an expert in case of drainage problems. Sarasota backjetting a drain are experts in cleaning this procedure. They have well trained professionals that are licensed, insured and with years of experience that you can rely on. A home with a good drainage will add a great appeal to it. It will immensely add to the resale value.

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