Water leaks are a sign of a failure in plumbing system. Plumbing is among the major domestic systems that should not fail since it supplies water, heating and most importantly, sanitation in a building. Water leaks cause a lot of damages including paint peeling, roofing and sliding problems, rots wood and molds thrive. It’s important to call professional plumber immediately to come and repair the leaks immediately. Here are 10 likely spots where water leaks are likely to occur.

(i) Water supply lines

For water to be supplied efficiently there is need for pressure to pump it. The problem occurs when the pressure exceeds its maximum water pressure of 40-60 p.s.i. This can cause minor pinhole raptures which when ignored can lead to major raptures. It is always important to contact professional, licensed plumbers for repairs when the damage is still minor.

(ii) Water heaters

Water heaters failures start with warning signs of minor leakage due to corrosion. If these leaks are ignored, they can lead to a total tank failure that can flood your home. It is very important to call a professional plumber if you see the minor warning signs.

(iii) Washing machine

The rupture can occur due to the variation of temperature of water in rubber connecting hoses behind the machine.

(iv) Sump pump/sewer

It is important to install a sump pump and schedule annual maintenance to avoid sewer blockages which most likely causes reflux of raw sewage in to your house. In case this happens, contact a professional, certified plumber immediately.

(v) Toilets

It is very uncomfortable to have toilet clogs. It is important to know how and where to shut off water supply to an overflowing toilet so that when clogs occur, you shut off the water supply and call professional, licensed plumber immediately.

(vi) HVAC equipment

A clog of drain line causes condensation of pan overflow of central air conditioner. It is crucial to install a safety overflow switch for protection, along with fixing the leaking pan.

(vii) Sinks and showers

If you find a broken sink or showers, it is important to call a professional, certified plumber to fix leaky faucets, replace shower enclosures and re-caulking as necessary.

(viii) Refrigerators and Dishwashers

A leak or rupture may occur in water supply connections for icemakers. Once you notice the leak, call our plumbers before the damage becomes worse. Also you should keep on checking leaks in the dishwasher’s supply line behind the unit since they may go unnoticed for long periods.

(ix) Gutters

Overflowing gutters can do damage by diverting roof runoff onto exterior walls hence causing leakage or rot. This can be prevented by keeping gutters clean and clear of debris year round.

(x) Downspouts

It is important to ensure secure connection of downspout segments in order to safely drain water away from foundation and prevent seepage.


In conclusion, It is important to ensure you routinely monitor any minor water leaks at home. This helps in preventing more disastrous damage that will be expensive to repair. Call us today and we will be glad to offer you our excellent plumbing leaks repair services.

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