How to Keep Your Toilet from Clogging

Maintaining your toilet is something that becomes necessary when you live in a household and are supporting a family. With a toilet being used daily and often many times throughout the day, clogging is an issue that can become a common nuisance if the proper preventative measures are not taken.

Firstly, ensuring that the only materials being washed down the toilet are septic-safe ones is crucial to avoiding a clog. Making sure everyone in the household takes extra care to avoid getting any debris in the toilet besides toilet paper is the easiest way to avoid any trouble. Hair is another common object that can eventually build up inside the piping of a toilet and cause a clog which cannot be fixed by conventional means. People will often take any hair that may buildup on the floor of a bathtub and discard it in the toilet, however, this practice will eventually lead to a clog deep inside the toilet which gradually increases in size. Keeping hair away from and out of the toilet will prevent this issue from occurring.

Also, making sure that the toilet system is working smoothly and correctly can help it run smoothlyA maintenance call to your Local Plumber is the best way to prevent it. A common mishap with toilets that can lead to clogging is a bad flapper in the tank, meaning that the flushing system will not work properly and can cause anything being flushed down to become lodged in the pipes. If a problem such as this one arises, a simple examination and repair from a plumber can quickly fix the problem and also help protect your toilet system against any future issues.

Overall, maintaining a toilet and having minimal issues can be easily done with little effort required. Annual maintenance checks and exercising care when flushing items down the toilet can help you avoid clogging and keep your system running smooth.

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