Built-In versus Freestanding Bathtubs – Which One is Right for You?

As people get more and more drawn into adding elegance designs to their homes, they may think about adding a freestanding tub. They now come in different appealing and trendy designs to meet the demand of the discriminating home owner looking for that special feature to upgrade their bathroom.

A carefully selected freestanding tub can instantly turn a bland bathroom into an elegant and more valuable bathroom. The fact that you can place the tub at any part of the room and change its position whenever you feel like makes it even more appealing.


The most popular reason these bathtubs are a favorite among many is their elegant and sophisticated design. They can change a ‘boring’ room into a classy one in a matter of seconds. You can choose from the conventional design to the modern models in the market today.

Another advantage is the ability for people to choose from different shapes. They are not just available for adults, but for children as well. Additionally, people can choose from the different tub depths depending on their level of relaxation. Moreover, there is a wide collection of oval shaped and square shaped designs. They also come in different sizes.

Different materials are also available for free standing baths. These include stone, wood, cast iron and acrylic. If you love creating a theme for your tub, you can have fun choosing a tub with your favorite fixtures.

Their most attractive quality is their ability to be moved from one place to another. This presents people with the opportunity to change their bathroom look several times.


These types of bath can consume more space. That is an important factor people should consider before purchasing a free standing tub. Cleaning them can prove to be difficult if placed at a corner. It is best to place away from a wall to give you room to clean all the parts.

They are very expensive as you do not only pay for their purchase, but also for their installation. Plumbers should also be equipped with knowledge of freestanding baths as they are delicate tubs. One wrong move and your bathroom will be flooded. That means plumbing for a freestanding bath is more expensive than plumbing for inbuilt tubs.

They are often very heavy. Therefore, ground floors are always the best locations. If you opt for upstairs, ensure the ceiling can take the weight.

It is, therefore, crucial to consider hiring a qualified and licensed Plumber to come to your home when you call him to come and fix your freestanding bathtub. If there is an emergency, he will be able to take care of everything. Be assured our professional plumbers at Bill the Plumber can install your freestanding tub for you with great expertise.

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