At Bill The Plumber, we go the extra mile to be sure our customers get exactly what they want. For example, recently, one of our customers as shown in the video needed to replace their older water closet. As we got deeper into the project, we found that the color scheme they wanted was no longer manufactured.

So, we decided to go over to their home and take pictures of their old water closet in order to hunt down a perfect match. Once we had pictures of the color, we then sent it to the different manufacturers to find a matching color that was in stock at one of their distributors. We finally did locate a water closet that matched their other fixtures in the bathroom, so we purchased the product and installed it promptly.

Finding an exact color match prevented the customer from having to remodel further by having to change other parts of their bathroom. This is the normal way we work at Bill The Plumber: give the customer over the top service and exceptional customer experience.

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