There are so many different types of disposals to choose which one should you have in your home? My initial thought is you deserve the best don’t you? If not, why don’t you deserve the best?

All disposals are built with a designed horse power. The horse power is what drives the disposal. The higher the horse power the more power it will have. You must determine a few factors before deciding on a disposal. Do you cook a lot? Is your kitchen set up for a person that cooks a lot? Having a kitchen that is set up for cooking and then installing a less than expected disposal defeats the purpose of your kitchen design.

Some disposals are made of pot metal and this means it will rust and rot. This will create a leak inside the kitchen cabinet in a very short time period. Frequently, disposals with half horse power or less are made of pot metal while the higher horse power disposals may have a mixture of stainless steel or plastics. Be careful as some of the home centers have a price point and will have 3 quarter horse power disposals that are made of pot metal and they will not inform you of this major fact.

At Bill the plumber we have 3 different types of disposals for you to choose. The first is a half horse power disposal that has a 5 year in-house factory warranty. The 2nd choice is a 3 quarter horse power disposal that as a 10 year factory warranty. The 3rd choice is a 1 horse power disposal that has a lifetime warranty from the factory.

These disposals have major differences than the most frequently purchased disposals from home centers and even what some other plumbers might sell you. One major difference is the warranty. Ours is longer. The second major difference is the fact that the blades are stainless steel. We also offer 3 cutting blades instead of 2. Since the blades are stainless steel, they will not rust and get stuck to the base of the disposal. The next difference is that the disposal housing is made of a composite of plastic and crushed glass that will not rot and leak into the cabinet. Another huge difference is the RPMs the blades spin. Our disposals will get to 2750 RPMs while most others is 1450 RPMs. Ours has more power and will chip food finer. This helps prevent stoppages in the line due to chopping food finer. These differences are in all of our disposals.

Before choosing he right disposal, think about how often you have replaced disposals in the past. Be sure to include the dollar amount of the stoppages you have paid for in the past as that is a direct cost affected by choosing the wrong disposal.

Before deciding on the perfect disposal for you call Bill the Plumber at 941-924-8418 and invite a professional license plumber into your home to check condition of your disposal.