You may suddenly notice that your hot water system can’t give you hot water, has low pressure or even has discolored water with rust particles. This may be accompanied by an irritating noise from the system’s compartment. All these may be indications of a burst in the system. Once you are sure that it is a burst, follow these quick directions to avert the possibility of the burst tampering with your wiring system and even wall structures.

What to do in the event of a hot water system burst

  1. Turn off your house’s main water supply. This will prevent any water from flowing into the system.
  2. Drain the entire water system be it in the kitchen sinks, taps, toilet, shower and any other water systems.
  3. After all the water has been drained, ensure you turn off all your water heating appliances. This may include all central heating units, immersion heaters, e.t.c.
  4. Then, switch off electricity at the mains as water may be hazardous when exposed to electricity.
  5. After you have switched off the mains successfully, look for the exact burst location and when you have got it, consider catching the leaking water using a bucket or basin to prevent further overflow.
  6. When all the drain has been finished, you can now evaluate the extent of the burst and decide whether you will fix it yourself or you will call in a professional plumber. It is advisable that you call in a professional plumber as he will not only fix the system but also diagnose the possible causes of the burst and suggest measures you can take to prevent further bursts.

It is important to note that informing your insurer may be a good idea just in case they might be covering for such repair costs.

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