Repairing a Compression Washer Faucet

Do you have a leaky faucet? Are you worried that the cost of your water bill will be too high? If your answer to any of the two questions above is yes, then your need a faucet repair urgently. The truth is, at some point in time, your faucet will malfunction in one way or another, leading to water waste. Having it repaired by a licensed professional plumber is the best way to fix it. But if the problem is a minor one, the following DIY procedure should help you.

Procedure for Repairing a Compression Washer Faucet

Using the water-shut off valve located under the sink, turn off water supply to the faucet. Shut off both valves directly, or turn off water supply to the house. Never dissemble the faucet before first turning off the water supply.

Cover the drain and sink basin using a folded towel or a cardboard. Using a standard screw driver, remove the handle before removing the decorative cap situated on the faucet handle using utility knife. Carefully loosen the lock nut and gently pull out the stem.

Examine the stem valve assembly and the washer carefully for any possible damage. Since the most common reason behind faucet malfunction is a damaged or worn washer, pay particular attention to this tiny washer located on the bottom-most of the stem. In the event that the washer is damaged, keep it aside to assist you in buying the correct size.

Dismantle the stem assembly, and inspect the various parts for possible corrosion as well as mineral deposits. If there is not pitting or corrosion on the stem valve, check the O-rings for cracks, nicks or brittleness. Clean away mineral deposits using a stiff brush, or if the stem valve is damaged, replace the same, making sure that you get the exact model and size.

Re-install your compression faucet with any replaced parts, and run it for some time to check for other leaks and water pressure. Perform this step carefully to avoid repeating the entire process in the near future.


In the event that the problem persists, even after carrying out the above problem carefully, contact our office to set up an appointment. We have a professional and certified plumbers who has all the necessary skills to provide the necessary recommendations. Our licensed and experienced plumber will assess your faucet and either fix it or advise you to buy a new one, in case your old one is irreparably damaged.

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