20mm Cannon rounds at Chu Lai

In late summer of 1964 I decided to not go to college but instead join the Marine Corps. The recruiter was excited and my parents were very unhappy. I went to Parris Island on the first of October to start a six year enlistment. Being an athlete, I got through boot camp and infantry training without too much difficulty. A few months later, in late 1965, I found myself at El Toro MCAS in Santa Ana, California.

20mm Cannon rounds at Chu Lai

About a year later I volunteered to go to Vietnam. In late 1966 and 1967 I found myself at Chu Lai, Vietnam and found out what combat was really about. When it was time for me to come home I was willing to stay but I wanted them to promote me to Sargent which they declined three times. I then found myself on a WWII Liberty Ship call the General John Pope, heading for San Diego. I was surprised at how badly the American public treated me and I know that a lot of my comrades in all branches of the service felt the same way.

Recently I took my friend (a retired Master Sargent) to the Marine Corps Museum and the Vietnam wall. We had a wonderful 5 day trip and during the trip we had three occasions where people thanked us for our service: once while we sat near the Vietnam wall, another time on the subway and finally at gas station in Lake City, Florida where the clerk gave me a coffee and thanked me for my service. I was astonished. I can’t explain how good that felt.

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I would like to thank all Veterans for their service and sacrifice for our great Country.

Thank you and God Bless America, Bill Loiko.