The most appropriate way of preventing expensive repairs to your home plumbing system is strictly following a consistent maintenance schedule. Testing for hairline leaks in pipes needs the attention of a professional plumber because just a handful of homeowners usually have the right equipment to deal with such plumbing emergencies. Frequently, a clogged pipe can cause a slow drain, which ordinarily requires some greasing to work properly. Since several plumbing problems, such as leaking pipes happen suddenly or gradually, the key to resolving such issues is a thorough inspection before they develop further.

You should highly consider calling up your plumber to test hidden leaks below water heaters or in sink drains because they can develop into a major nuisance, such as extensive structural damage. A professional plumber can carry out a hydrostatic pressure test on the sanitary sewer system of your home to assess whether you have a leak in the plumbing system. This test uses an inflatable test ball to block the main sewer line, as the sewer line fills with water. If the water does not drop in volume or does not fill up, then you have a leaking pipe.

A professional plumber can also use video camera inspection to inspect leaking pipes in a sanitary sewer system. The plumber inserts the infrared camera into the system via existing toilet drains, roof vents, or cleanouts with the aim of checking and assessing the condition of the pipes of your sewer system. This method identifies the specific locations of the leaks.

Using a process known as static leak isolation testing is whereby the professional plumber combines hydrostatic pressure testing and sewer video camera inspection to separately pinpoint and test various segments of an underground slab sanitary sewer system. It is an ideal way of identifying the exact positions of hairline leaks of pipes in your sewer system.

Inspections from a professional plumber provides you with a more comprehensive or thorough assessment of the pipes and drains in your home. The plumber has the skillful capacity to test nearly all sections of the sewer system including the water heater and garbage disposal. Various certified plumbers can perform in-depth assessments using lead testing, remote video inspection of pipes, and filter system inspection.

Therefore, always rely on professional advice for plumbing repair jobs because they have the necessary tools and expertise to prevent further damage in case you have extensively leaking pipes. Attempting to repair some common sewer system issues, such as leaking toilets and slow drains could eventually cause bigger problems for you.

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