Weak spots can form in older sewer lines that were made from clay or cast-iron pipes. Tree roots also cause damage to pipes when they pierce inside and cause clogs or unwanted blockage. A popular choice for checking old sewer pipes for breakage or leaks is by conducting a video sewer inspection. Following are the steps describing how a sewer inspection is accomplished.

A trained technician will visit the problem area with a service truck and generator. The truck is parked close to the area of possible damage to allow the technician access for the camera. Housed inside the truck is video monitoring equipment which allows the technician to view the inside of your sewer line. This monitoring equipment is attached to a video camera. The video camera is fastened to a long cable and winch on the back of the service truck. After the technician finds access to the pipes, the cable and winch are used to move the camera inside of the line for inspection.

Once the camera has been placed securely inside the pipe’s entrance, the professional technician moves back inside the truck and begins the video inspection. From this area inside the truck, the service technician looks for any foreign objects or leaks in the line of pipes. The video camera’s controls are located by the monitoring equipment. The technician uses these controls to push the camera through the pipes. If the camera and cable line is too large for the existing pipe structure, the video camera operator will use a different piece of equipment called a fish. The camera is attached to the fish and pulled through the area that requires inspection. After inspection has been completed, the camera can be retracted out of the line of pipes.

The video camera operator is trained in spotting potential leaks and problem areas. A backup recording is also made of the video inspection process. This allows the service technician the ability to review areas where problems were spotted. The recording also helps answer any questions involving the video sewer inspection. After the video inspection has been completed, the technician determines the best way for handling the clogged or broken pipe. Major damage often requires replacement of old sewer lines while minor problems may be fixed by placement of a fabric liner.

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