Compared to manual taps and toilet flush system, touchless faucets and toilet are more hygienic and help prevent the spread of germs. This helps in ensuring safe and clean hand washing. The automatic flush system and faucet uses smart sensor technology to turn on and off the valve. Upon sense of motion, the valve is opened thus releasing water and closes when the hand is removed. Invention of touchless technology has greatly reduced the risk of germs and bacteria cross-transfer through the handle. Let’s look how touchless faucets and touchless toilets help in ensuring hygienic living in homes and public restrooms.

Prevents spread of germs through toilet handles

Manual toilet handles acts as a holding space for germs and bacteria that might be left behind by toilet users. This makes it easy for the germs to spread from one person to another when switching off the faucet or flushing the waste. Germs picked up from the handles can lead to infections like bilharzia, cholera and typhoid among others. Use of touchless faucets and toilets prevents this risk since there is no direct contact with the handle after flushing the toilet or washing hands.

Keeps faucet and toilet handle clean

Regular contact of the handle leaves behind dirt. Lack of proper cleaning practices for instance using efficient germ killing detergents and soaps, increases germs and bacteria build up. Eliminating direct contact to the handles by using touchless technology helps in keeping the handles clean and hygienic to users. This makes it easy to clean and reduces the need to frequently clean the handles.

Maintains the restroom hygiene standards high

Restrooms are one of the places with high rate of germs and bacteria production due to available survival environment. This means that there is a high risk of contacting the germs in the restroom. One of the ways that germs and bacteria spread is through contact. Automatic toilet flush and faucet technology helps eliminate the risk of germs spread through contact with the handles. This ensures that the restroom hygiene standards are high.

Efficient to use

In addition to ensuring hygienic living, touchless technology helps in ensuring efficient water use and reduces the risk of possible damage to the handles. The automatic switching on and off of the faucet valve using smart sensor ensures that no water is lost by running taps or loosely closed taps. The amount of water used by touchless toilet flush is less compared to manual flush thus helping water conservation.

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