Home bathrooms can develop leaks behind the wall. These leaks become apparent when paint begins peeling off of the wall around the area where the shower pipe passes. In extreme circumstances, the leak may even cause the drywall and tiles to come off easily because they have been weakened. Such shower leaks are usually caused by a malfunctioned plumbing structure behind the wall, especially near your faucets and shower head. In some cases, the leaks may dampen the walls of your bathroom even though the actual leakages are located in other specific areas.

What to Do If Your Shower is Leaking

As soon as you suspect that your bathroom pipes are leaking, the first thing you should do is to call a professional licensed plumber to perform a comprehensive examination of the plumbing system. Plumbers who are sufficiently trained and certified to detect and repair shower leaks behind bathroom walls normally drill a small hole around the area where the water is dripping or where the wall paint is peeling off. Most leaks are usually found around this area.

How Much Damage Can a Leaky Shower Cause?

A shower leak behind the wall has the potential to cause great damage to your home, especially if it goes undetected for an extended period of time. Since most plumbing pipes are commonly fixed behind the walls to accommodate shower faucets suitably, even a small leak that drips two to three drops of water per minute can cause great damage if it goes undetected for weeks or months. Most homeowners have reported that shower leaks usually result in water reaching highly porous materials, which leads to the weakening of the wood structure behind the wall, not to mention big problems with mold that can be hazardous to your health. Mold remediation can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and may involve cutting away and replacing large sections of drywall.

As soon as the water reaches the wood structure, you will have to consult a professional licensed plumber for help because the water will find its way behind the construction tiles and around the windows, which can weaken the entire building. Severe leaks can also cause problems with your bathroom flooring if moisture begins pooling up. Furthermore, if your bathroom is located on the second or higher story, the ceiling underneath might even need replacement because the constant dampening could damage it beyond repair. Again, with the excessive moisture in your bathroom area, you will be forced to install a vent fan in the ceiling because it helps to reduce the possibility of moisture finding its way behind the tiles and walls.

Fix that Shower Leak in Your Wall – Call a Professional ASAP

Any suspicion of an existing leak behind the walls in your home should be addressed immediately to avoid incurring additional costs of repairing other things that could be damaged in the process. It is important to hire a skilled plumber as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the leak to adjacent rooms. You should also note that, in most cases, the plumber will have to drill into the wall to repair the leaking pipes.

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