Plumbing is one of the fundamental aspects in every residential or commercial setting. There are a number of innovations that have been done in the recent past to help in enhancing the efficiency of some of the plumbing components used in homes and commercial areas. One of the components that can be used in modifying your toilet is the pressure assist water closet. This is a plumbing component that uses the force of gravity in addition to the pressure that is created by a particular device, which supplies relatively more pressure than the traditional water closet.

Pressure assist water closets are basically founded on a model, which resembles a tank-inside-tank where water that flows to the tank generates air pressure in the tank compartment. The air inside a sealed cylindrical tank placed inside the bigger ceramic tank is displaced by water. This therefore helps in creating the necessary force needed to make this particular type of plumbing piece efficient. The compressed air is released in the event that the toilet is flushed, which in turn forces the water to instantly remove the trap. Essentially, the air-pressure created helps water to leave the bowl thus making it possible for the water bowl to be very clean at all times.

Pressure assist water closets are very beneficial and effective compared to the gravity-feed water closet. It provides a lot of pressure that can help in forcing down large size of ordinary solid waste. The other advantage of this particular water closet is that it eliminates the possibility of freestanding water existing in the bowl. This is beneficial because it prevents growth of mold within the bowl as well as making it easy to clean and disinfect. This shows that you will also be able to save money on buying cleaning agents for the toilet. It also increases the value of your house and in the event that you choose to put it on sale, it will certainly be profitable to you.

However, it is necessary to understand that the efficiency of a pressure assist water closet utterly depends on the particular plumber that installs it. This therefore means that you need to seek services of a professional, experienced, knowledgeable and accredited plumber to fix this particular component in your toilet.

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