One of the latest trends in bathrooms is the Shower Spa.
What is a shower spa? It mixes the three concepts of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and chromotherapy to create a spa-like multi-sensory journey in the privacy of your very own bathroom.
Moen’s take on this trend is their VERTICAL SPA–a unique, customizable showering system, offering body sprays, shower heads, and hand showers that create your own luxurious sensory showering experience.
One exciting Vertical Spa option is the Aromatherapy Shower Head, uniquely designed to infuse essential oils directly into the water flow of your shower. They offer pod choices such as ‘Zen Time’ (Lavender, Tea Tree, & Vanilla), and ‘Energetic Morning’ (Lemon, Scots Pine, & Cistus).
These products are quickly and easily installed and are a great way to enhance your bath area without the need for a ‘full remodel’.  Contact Bill the Plumber today to schedule a technician & begin enjoying your very own home Spa! 
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