Clear Your Drains with Hydrojetting!

The drain lines in a home may become clogged with debris that cause water to drain slowly or cause a backup. Clogs can occur is a drain and sewer line for a variety of reasons. One common reason is when debris collects inside piping over time. Many plumbers will use a mechanical snake to clear a clog in a pipe. However, a pipe will typically need to be snaked again within six months. A better option for drain cleaning is by hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting is a process that uses high-pressure water to clear out a drain or sewer pipe. Debris that has built up in a drain pipe often includes grease, soap, hair and other organic material. Clogs that occur are the result of blockage caused by decrease water flow over time. High-pressure water will scour all sides of a sewer pipe or drain pipe and wash away all foreign material.

Proper water flow is restored to the pipes in a home that will be clean for many years. This means the pipe will not need to be cleaned in the foreseeable future when properly maintained. Plumbers will look for a cleanout in the floor or a basement or a garage to insert the nozzle of the hydro-jet.

Hydro-jetting will easily break up grease and material that is blocking a sewer pipe or drain pipe. The roots of large trees in a yard are a common cause of blockage in underground pipes. Pressurized water can rip away tree roots with ease to restore water flow and prevent future backups.

The debris in the pipe is washed into the main sewer line or into a drain field. A mechanical snake used to clean a pipe will not produce the same results. Snaking bores a hole through any type of debris in a pipe. The process will temporarily restore water flow, but does not completely clean the pipe. Water-jetting is the best way to ensure the pipe is completely free of debris.

If sinks or drains in a home seem to work slower than normal, then blockage may exist in the pipe. This can easily be corrected by hydro-jetting.

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