Most home-owners are left in a real dilemma when choosing between the under-the-sink and whole-house water filtration system. To make the best choice between the two, we need to first look at each of the two filtration systems and their advantages so that you may make the best choice that will cater for all your concerns as far as home water filtration is concerned.

Whole-house water filtration system

Installing whole-house water filtration systems can solve a variety of concerns as far as water quality, taste or color is concerned. All the water pumped into your house will first go through the filtration system before being channeled to faucets, toilets and other outlets in the house. Here, any insoluble materials and impurities are filtered so that you are only left with clean water that is safe for domestic use. The whole-house water filtration system makes sure that only clean and filtered water reaches every water outlet in the house. Also, bearing in mind that water being pumped to your home may contain some insoluble materials and sediments, there will be no cases of blockages in your plumbing pipes thus you are sure of extended life for your appliances and household pipes.

Under-the-sink water filtration system

Under-the-sink water filtration systems can also be a great choice for anyone looking for the perfect water filtration system. With these systems, you are sure of clean water that is free from any impurities including chlorine. Under-the-sink water filtration systems have been engineered to offer the best detailed water filtration so you are sure of clean, quality water for domestic use. These systems are compact and occupy very limited space.


With the whole-house water filtration system, your plumbing system is secure from any sediments and the water is also free from impurities. On the other hand, under-the-sink water filtration systems also offer the best filtration and are small in size. However, with this system, insoluble materials may get in to your plumbing system thus posing the risk of blockages and wearing out of your appliances. Depending on your budget, it is recommended that you install both just to be sure of the best, quality clean water and most importantly, for your plumbing system’s durability. However, if you are on a budget, the whole-house water filtration system might just be the best deal for you. Call us today and we will be glad to help you install the perfect water filtration system and your home value will surely go up!

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