The average home consumes over one hundred gallons of water every day, and the majority of that water literally goes down the drain. Although all of that water empties into the sewer, not all waste water is sewage. There are two classes of waste water, black water and gray water.

Black water consists of sewage from the toilet that must be processed and treated before it can be reused. Gray water, on the other hand, is waste water from sinks, showers, and dishwashers that is completely free of human waste. The water isn’t potable, but it can still be safely used in a number of household applications. Home water reclamation allows homeowners to capture and reuse this water, resulting in drastically lower water bills and significant gains in sustainability.

Every time a toilet flushes, gallons of potable water go down the drain. The toilet’s tank uses the same perfectly drinkable water as the kitchen faucet, and that’s a tremendous waste. Some popular home waste water reclamation systems allow homeowners to recycle gray water from their sinks, showers, and dishwashers to fill their toilet tanks, resulting in significant savings over time. Since the water is destined to become sewage anyway, recycled gray water is perfect for the job. Water reclamation essentially allows homeowners to use their water twice, once in the shower or sink and once as sewage.

Irrigation is another common use for gray water around the home. Because plants, soil, and sunlight provide organic waste treatment, gray water can safely be used in the garden. Gray water is also ideal for watering and lawns, particularly in regions where water shortages are an ever-present concern.

Water reclamation systems benefit homeowners both ecologically and financially. By significantly reducing unnecessary water usage over time, water reclamation systems yield correspondingly lower water bills and ensure there’s just that much more water available for everyone down the line.

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