There are many benefits to installing automatic bathroom fixtures, or rather touchless bathroom fixtures. Many public restrooms have installed automatic bathroom fixtures to help stop the spread of disease. Touchless bathroom fixtures mean that no one has to touch the handle of a public toilet, or handles of a faucet. No one going into a public restroom knows what kind of personal hygiene was practiced by the person before them. Much care must be used in a public restroom to assure that nasty germs and contaminates are not spread on one’s hands.

Private home bathrooms can also install automatic bathroom fixtures. This is a wonderful idea for households that have children. Parents need to teach bathroom hygiene to their children constantly in order to train them in the correct method of using a bathroom at home or in public. Automatic bathroom fixtures may run slightly more than standard bathroom fixtures, but the extra cost is well worth it. These fixtures naturally train the child that they do not have to touch bathroom fixtures.Electronic toilets enable the user to not have to touch anything in order to flush the toilet, as it will flush as they arise off the seat or move away from the indicator light on the toilet. Electronic faucets will enable the person to wash their hands without having to touch the faucet. There are more public restrooms that are converting their restrooms to the touchless faucets, such as restaurants, retail stores, airports, amusement parks, health care facilities, and stadiums to mention a few places. When automatic bathroom fixtures are put into public restrooms they are top quality and vandal resistant. These faucets have a built-in back flow check valve.

The homeowner must decide on the type of automatic fixture they want as some plug into an electrical outlet and others operate on battery. Most all brands carry automatic bathroom fixtures such as Koehler, Delta, Moen and Sloan to mention just a few. When converting bathroom fixtures to automatic style fixtures it is best to have a plumber do the job. If one lives in the Sarasota, Florida area, call a Sarasota plumber to convert your bathroom fixtures. A Sarasota plumber can do quality work in half the time it would take the consumer. Everyone who has changed their fixtures to automatic bathroom fixtures has been very satisfied with the conversion. There are all sorts of styles to chose from that will compliment one’s decor and taste.

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