Experts in bathroom remodeling have three budget levels: Low – under $10,000, Medium – under $25,000 and High – over $25,000. Whether homeowners need the basics updated or are ready to indulge their fantasies, a bathroom remodel job is a worthwhile project to invest in.

1. Budget and Priorities
Set your budget and stick to it. Prioritize according to the limits of the budget with consideration to necessary aspects of the project. When the necessary is fulfilled, then move on to other aspects less needed, but desired.

2. Quality
Bathroom fixtures such as ceramic tiles, vanities, fans and lights may vary in price but are standardized by underwriters to be of safe and sound quality. Tubs, showers and toilets vary in price according to their additional features – water saving, water jets, hygienic and aesthetic. Quality is pricier, but well worth the cost in the long run.

3. Tile
The durability of tile, plus its lasting beauty, makes tile a great investment. Tile from floor to ceiling keeps the bathroom crisp and clean feeling with little maintenance.

4. Stone
Marble, granite and onyx are cultured stone treatments proving to outlast fiberglass and acrylic tubs and showers. Whether one wall or all walls are treated with slab or crushed stone materials, the cost is competitive with fiberglass and acrylic panels.

5. Fantasies Fulfilled
Shower heads provide settings from a rain shower to pulsating jet modes to create the perfect spa-like quality shower experience while lathering, shaving, or shampooing. Super showers with tempered glass doors, exquisite stone-tiled floors and walls, a built in shelf for candles, and dimming recessed lighting can set the mood for both a cleansing and healing environment with programmable settings for temperature, intensity and duration at just a keystroke away.

6. Storage Space
The simplest and most cost effective way to create extra storage space in your bathroom is creating shelving between vertical studs from floor to ceiling. Another option is to install floor to ceiling built-in cabinets for a cleaner look with more privacy. A more extensive remodeling involves the re-purposing of an adjoining closet or room space to add square footage to a remodeled bathroom.

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