Following are five of the primary benefits you can enjoy from having a water softener installed in you home.

  • To avoid a ring of residue from hard water deposits. Hard water contains magnesium and dissolved calcium, which are a problem if there is an excess amount in your home’s water supply. They can leave a ring of residue around your tub and be harmful to your home appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher. Installing a water softener in your home will reduce the presence of these minerals.
  • It will benefit your skin and hair.The residue from these mineral deposits can make your skin very dry, flaky, and itchy. The residue that is left over form hard water can also make clothes scratchy if you do not use a fabric softener when washing them in your washing machine.3. To reduce scale buildup on faucets. If you notice that the end of the faucet in your bathroom and kitchen is scaly, then you have a hard water problem. Once all of the scale is removed from the water, this issue will not reoccur.
  • To save money. Soft water is easier on all the appliances in your home and helps to lather soap. This means that you will save money by not using as much as you currently do on soap products for washing your dishes and bathing in the shower.
  • To avoid hard water stains on you and your family’s clothes. Minerals in hard water may stain clothes that are white or light colored and may not come out. This often leads to ruined items that you need to spend money on to replace.

If you are looking to reap the benefits of a water softener and would like to have one professionally installed in your home, contact Bill The Plumber, your Sarasota Water Softener Specialist today at (941) 845-6711.